by Glenn Kaiser Band

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released June 1, 2008

Produced by: Tom Cameron and GKB
Engineered by: Roger Heiss
Mastered by: Roger Seibel at SAE Mastering in Phoenix, AZ.
Artwork and Layout by: Hugo Thysse
Front and Back Photos by: Otto Jensen
Tray Card Photo by: Liam Bialach
Live Photos by: Matthias Wassermann



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Glenn Kaiser Band Chicago

GKB is a blues/rock trio featuring Glenn Kaiser on electric and slide guitar, harmonica and vocals, Roy Montroy on bass guitar and Ed Bialach on drums. Glenn's vocal style is powerful and his guitar work energetic and edgy. His heart and message is always to present the love of God to a hurting world and to challenge the church to get involved with that hurting world and not be complacent. ... more

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Track Name: Broken Love
What the world has to offer
It just ain’t my cup of tea
It’s my world, says the scoffer
Looking down from his balcony
This world is falling down all around
It’s just a broken love
Broken love
One thing’s sure, time will tell
Misery loves company
Well, get off your carousel
Take a good look, honestly
God’s love can still be found
It’s all around us
To heal the broken love
Broken love
Track Name: Streetcorner Blues
Monday Tuesday Wednesday, Thursday Friday too
Hang out on the corner, doing what you do
So many meetings, so little time
Tell me it’s a living - honey all you’re doing is dying
Sell your soul for money, harden up your heart
You’ll never see the daylight, living in the dark
Ain’t got no woman, ain’t got a man
Dying for a living, baby don’t you understand
Love ain’t so easy, trying to run in high heels
Buying and selling, you lose in each and every deal
Filling up your wallet, powder up your nose
Using and abusing, honey everybody knows
Dying ain’t a living, baby time ain’t your friend
But I got some good news, you might find freedom in the end
I said Sunday coming around
I’d like to introduce you to a Friend
To my Friend
Track Name: Roller Coaster
Just like a bobber on the ocean
Up and down with the waves
Caught in a tide of endless confusion
Cradle to the grave

My life was such a roller coaster
My story laced with regret
It’s such a cost, the pain of being lost
As lost as lost could get

Living sick, tired and lonely
Too full of me to get right
Broken down to the dirt I had swallowed
Worrying about a thief in the night

Felt life was just a roller coaster
The story only got worse
House of horror, a house of mirrors
Living under the curse

Somebody asked me a question
What did I know about grace?
What if love was alive and well?
What if love had a face?

Turn to Me, lay down your load
I am life for the dead
And then He did just like He said
Forgave all my debt

Ain’t riding no more roller coaster
The story’s ending so sweet
An empty grave, a son returned
Love in the family
Track Name: Depends On Where You Stand
Young black man in the docket
His eyes upon the floor
Judge pronounces sentence
He won’t walk this earth no more
A cheer from folks outside
But tears on Mamma’s face
Is justice really blind
When it comes to race?
Young mother on the corner
Sells cheaply all she’s got
While her next door neighbor
Calls the cops to get her caught
Power, greed and poverty
The world’s unholy trinity
Neighbors proud to be free
But none so blind as he and me
Sometimes it makes me tremble
When fear informs the hand
I guess it all depends my friend
Depends on where you stand
Where you stand
Depends where you stand
Track Name: Bad Times
Well when you, when you face the bad times
It don’t mean you need to run away
Bad times sometimes seem to follow you
Even if you watch and pray
We love to soak up all the sunshine
We don’t like that rain to come our way
Truth be told, night’s gonna come around too
But every night, gonna have it’s day
Had myself some bad times
Like a debt I could not pay
But I know I don’t have to face it on my own
There is a comfort for the bad times
To give you strength, come what may
A love that can’t be taken from you
It’s eternal, it won’t fade away
It’s eternal, it won’t fade
Track Name: What Can Be Shaken
Wipe those tears from your eyes
All things will be clear, there’s no denying
And things will disappear from the sky
A new heaven, new earth, no lullaby
What can be shaken will be shaken
What can be burned will be burned
Mountains laid low, oceans emptied of water
Not one stone left on top of another
Stars will fall, the moon turn red
Then they’ll recall what He said
Track Name: Higher Ground
People, keep on learning
Soldiers, keep on warring
World, keep on turning
‘Cuz it won’t be too long

Powers, you keep on lying
While your people keep on dying
World, keep on turning
‘Cuz it won’t be too long

I’m so darn glad He let me try it again
Without my Lord I lived a whole lotta sin
I’m so glad I know more than I knew then
Gonna keep on trying till I reach the higher ground

Teachers, keep on teaching
Preachers, keep on preaching
World, keep on turning
‘Cuz it won’t be too long

Lovers, keep on loving
Believers, keep on believing
Sleepers, just stop sleeping
‘Cuz it won’t be too long

I’m so darn glad He let me try it again
Without my Lord I lived a whole world a sin
I’m so glad I know more than I knew then
Gonna keep on trying till I reach the higher ground

Till I reach the higher ground
No one’s gonna bring me down
Till I reach the higher ground
Don’t let nobody bring you down
He’s the truest Friend you have around
Track Name: U-Turn
Riding that sheepskin, leather, chrome and steel
Burning down that road, pipes cooking loud and real
But you still might find sometimes desire burns
You need to make a u-turn

Highways bend, Lord they rise and fall
If you don’t pay attention, you just might lose it all
When the gravel bites you just might learn
You got to make a u-turn

Can’t live in doubt - you know that ain’t the route
On this ride, there ain’t no place to hide
You can strut your stuff, but death is just too tough
Pay attention

Once your direction’s right and you begin to heal
Don’t forget you can’t go by how you feel
If you lose the way, remember what I say
You need to make a u-turn
Track Name: Standing By The Window
Tonight by the forest I can’t see the trees
Snow has been falling all around me
Alone in the darkness, white on the ground
Tears keep on falling, over and down

And I stand by the window tonight
And I stand by watching, waiting for the light
Oh how I miss your loving kiss
Your arms around my neck

One thing I know, with all of this snow
I can’t get much colder than this
And I stand by the window tonight
And I stand by watching, waiting for the light

On this silent, country lane
If it wasn’t snow, it’d be rain
If only I could see you again
Came a time when leaves were burning

And tonight my soul is yearning I know
So I’ll stand by the window tonight
So I’ll stand by watching, waiting for the light
So I’ll stand by the window tonight
Track Name: Trouble High Trouble Low
It started out like any other day
But something in the air, gave it away
I knew it was just a matter of time
Before I spent my last dime

And I got trouble high, and trouble low
Everywhere I go
And I got trouble high, and trouble low
Everywhere I go

Well trouble follows me like an old stray dog
Staying close on my trail
Seems like every time I try to change
I’m always bound to fail

And I got trouble high, and trouble low
Everywhere I go
And I got trouble high, and trouble low
Everywhere I go

Sweet Jesus, I’ve wandered so far
Done the time and I’ve got the scars
I’m weary walking down this way
Just trying to get through another day

‘Cuz there’s trouble high, and trouble low
I need a place to go
I got trouble high, and trouble low
I need someone to know
Track Name: Thick and Thin
Well I’ve been all over
Through thick and thin
But now I’m drowning in an ocean
And darkness closing in
Well I been there, done that
At least a hundred times or more
I just don’t feel the thrill
Like I did before
Now I met me somebody
Sticks closer than a friend
Never leave or forsake me
Like a brother
Through the thick and thin
I’ve been saved I’ve been rescued
Call it anything you like
Been thrown a life preserver
Got a second chance at life
Well if you come through hard times
Give thanks where it’s due
Got a hand up from heaven
Love that pulled you through
Pulled you through
Track Name: Young Man Blues
How can a young man stay pure in the world these days?
Why would a young man stay pure in the world anyway?
You know in these new days
A young man is a “real” man If he looks around
And allows his lust to feast
And you know nowadays it’s the young man who’s got no dad, no family
Young men cracked, broken, forgotten these days
Just forgotten
But everybody knows if a young man ain’t got no one
He’ll go find one
Or something to fill his need
Someone or something
You who got no one
Nothing in this world to live for
There’s One who’s been forgotten
Waiting outside your door
Oh, that’s the young man’s blues
Track Name: This Race
Like an old friend I return to you
Again and again
Just like the wind, You are here with me
I feel you as close as my skin
Time after time, lost in the woods
You are the compass I need
Night after night, tempted and weak
You speak the truth and I'm freed
You have been a father to me
A mother a sister a brother to me
I can't forget what You've done
Crawling or walking this race will be run
Deep inside, everyone feels
The need doesn't change but we don't always heal
On this ride it can get pretty rough
But Your tender love is making me tough
Prepared for eternity
Like an old friend
Again and again